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And I am done with the accounting department, and hopefully that will be the most tedium I will ever have to endure!  Imagine a box filled with thousands and thousands of unsorted invoices from last year, and being assigned to find just one, one specific invoice.  Imagine a stack of thousands and thousands of sales certificates, and being asked to find out which ones have been entered into the system, and which ones have not.

Imagine paper.  Lots and lots of paper.  I am just salivating for the day when paper records are obsolete.  They are heavy.

I actually did some of the A/R lead's work for her today, just simple, time-consuming stuff like pulling up and printing credit memo information, or checking and applying refund checks.  I got her all caught up!  Apparently there has been enormous employee turnover in the accounting department lately.  Their longest-lasting employee, Georgia, has only been with them for two years.  Half the department is new, (one sixth, me, is temporary) and everyone is behind.  The last A/R assistant (whom I've been kinda replacing) left a month ago, and they're only going to get a new guy hired to file by next Monday.  Sheri says I'm a better assistant.  Megan was good, but I'm way faster.

I'll take my self-esteem where I can get it, thanks!

Next week I'm going to have to start going in a half-hour early, and taking my lunch at 11:30 instead of one.  I don't know how that will work out.  I took my lunch at noon today, and by the last half-hour of the workday, my blood-sugar was through the floor, my hands were shaking so much I had trouble stuffing the envelopes, and I could barely focus my eyes.

I have trouble believing I made it to the weekend.
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I have an exciting job.  Kevin (referred to in my head as Kevin the apathetic slimeball) didn't have any work for me today.  I sat at my desk for ten minutes, just long enough to ask him what I could do, get an email in response ("I don't have anything,"), and catching on the to mode of communication, write an email back suggesting that I mosey over to accounting early, then.  He sits right next to me, albeit through a thin mock-wall.  I'm not sure why he chose to use email.  I don't think he's really manager material.

I finished a week's work of filing in a few hours today.  I was resigned to leave early, but Sarah from HR caught me and she and Jim the Accounting Controller are plotting to re-situate me into something that's... a little less ambiguous.  And then I pounced on some checks that needed to be stuffed into envelopes, did the A/P filing, and meanwhile forces cooperated to set up the accounting assistant computer for me, so I could get onto the accounting system database and add another task onto my list of Things to Fill my Eight Hours.  I pull up information about the invoices referenced in credit memos, and print it out.  Then staple it to the credit memo in question, and sort them all by when they need to be processed.

So it seems that I may not long remain the Marketing Assistant, and then I may not much longer suffer Kevin's neglect of my working abilities.  I hate feeling like I'm not earning my wage.  If I'm going to have a lame assistant job, then I'm damn well going to be the best assistant they've ever had. 

Which is working, so far.  Sarah said another (unspecified) manager had "heard about me" and was interested in nabbing me for some other odd jobs.  Yup.  I'll be tracking over three departments across my day.  I'm well on my way to taking over the company.


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