Jul. 11th, 2010 05:12 pm
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It's the brother-creature's birthday today, and he has a bizarre predilection for tongue peelingly sour food-stuffs. The kid puts vinegar on pasta. So instead of a cake, I made him a modified lemon meringue pie. Modified, because I was too lazy to cook it from scratch (also because we had only one lemon), and also because making something exactly the way the package of powder tells you to make it is a waste. And also because we still had one lemon. So I zested all the zest from the lemon, then reamed it and added the zest, juice and pulp to the mix in place of 1/2 cup of water. Pretty good, right? Practically homemade? But I realized that it was still a lemon meringue pie, and what good is modifying a recipe if you can't give it a new name?

Into the spice rack. I added a couple of table spoons of ground ginger of dubious age and potency, then grated four pieces of candied ginger and tossed that in (also lost some knuckle skin, but I think I kept that out of the pie). Proceeded to cook.

The pudding smelled disturbingly medicinal, possibly because I cut back from 3/4 cup of added sugar to four tablespoons of added sugar. But it tastes fine, mostly just lemony, and with just a hint of a ginger burn if you are looking for it, or get a piece of the candied ginger. Which is fine with me, because for some reason, Dad and Keegan don't like it when I tinker with foods they like.



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