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MP3 players are neat. So are CDs. I have fond memories of audiocassettes too, the same way that I remember having fun making little elf houses out of moss and stuff in the woods. Happy, if not sophisticated.

But radio! In a world so customizable and personalizable so as to make each individual an interest group of one, radio returns us to a reality where there are gods controlling the day to day. If we listen to the radio, we are trusting in something out of our hands. We willingly imprison ourselves to faceless voices, befriending any amount of inane or entertaining chatter, because we believe that sooner or later, we will hear what we want.

And when hearing a song on the radio that you are startled to love, it's a happier moment because you didn't control its occurrence. And when the music fits your mood, you know that you are starring in your own biopic, and can indulge whatever solipsistic mental drama you want. And if the soundtrack doesn't entirely jive with your own current feelings about the universe, there is room for your mind to reconsider the potential for resonance and second meaning between the song and the scene.

And when you know that thousands of strangers are listening to the same words at the same time, as part of the same daily commuting ritual--isn't that kind of like community?
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