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Attempting a narrative:

I realized today that four weeks ago, I made a significant mistake. My active dataset had no indications to differentiate between employees and beneficiaries, and I went ahead and assumed that each individual employee ID # would be assigned to both the employee and the people attached to the employee. That was the way the inactive dataset had functioned (I think, I'll have to go back and suss it out now), but hey, why not mix it up a little? I'm sure it made sense to whoever put the data together, who clearly assumed that no one would need it to be useful

I will fix that tomorrow.

Blogging about my life could present some emotional challenges. The above account of my day's major plot point could have been five times longer and more involved, but to what point? When I'm writing, I assume I am talking to my friends, and it's hard to ignore the unlikelihood of their interest in the minutiae of data reconciliation.

Lonely are the high crags of actuarial prepwork.

Yesterday, I returned from a weekend trip to see Spencer, Las Vegas, and Zion National Park. The last deserves some kind of description, but I can't imagine that it affected me much differently than the myriad artists, poets, priests and pilgrims with wider eyes than mine. The cliffs were tall and bright. The sky was blue. The verdure was startling, the geology was astounding. Adjectives, quiver in insufficiency.


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