Jan. 1st, 2009

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 We don't have holiday traditions in our house as such--we have things that seem like a good idea every year as those key holidays approach.  For Christmas, almost every year that I can comfortably remember, we've done fondue bourgignion.  It's a fondue pot filled with oil, heated on the table burner, and you skewer pieces of raw meat or vegetables and cook them in the oil, then dip in various exotic sauces--this year a cocktail sauce, some kind of raspberry wasabi mustard, a tomato-pesto aioli, a medicinally strong lemon-ginger sauce, and a custom-built teriyaki sauce of my own construction.  Dinner goes on for hours, and it's fun and easy and special.  

For New Years, we do hors d'oeuvres, which I think are thematically appropriate for ushering in the New Year.  I made these too.  Our neighborhood has finally acquired neighbors who are really quite sane and normal, a first since we moved here in, what, 1991?  Their names are Chuck and Teresa, who just recently got engaged.  Chuck is 63, Teresa is 50, and they're both great (and enormously entertaining) people.  They came up and spent New Years Eve with us (with me and my parents, because Keegan had another party that he needed to go to).  

I could have gone somewhere for NYE, instead of spending it hanging out with these stodgy old folk, serving them food, and turned down a couple invitations to other goings-on. Both my parents were working yesterday.  Dad was working from home, and Mom had to stay late at work, so it was a good thing that I did stay, because there was no way that my mom would have been able to prepare as much nice food as she wanted to with the little bit of time she had between coming home from work and entertaining guests.  

So instead of stressing out, she had a relaxing evening with friends, and everyone ate well.  Plus, she's been working so hard the last couple days that she wouldn't have even been able to keep track of what ingrediants she needed for what dish, such as the bruschetta that she was planning in her head to make, somehow, without cilantro.  

So I did spinach-feta quesadillas, potato-cheese bites, tomato-pesto mini-pizzas, red pepper hummus, and krab salad served up in an overly cute way that I saw on Sandra Lee, where you take a pretty stemmed glass and fit a leaf of lettuce inside so that it wraps around nicely, and put the salad inside of that.  

My resolution for the new year is to write, and to be more conscious of what the people I love need.  And to get my thesis started in the next week.


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